Coqui Tree Frog

Abiotic Factors

The climate in Hawaii, Aquatic, subterranean, and terrestrial. Volcanic ash from erupting volcanoes helped to form the first couple of layers of soil on the Hawaiian island. After the lava cools some plants are able to grow right on the ash. Canopy is formed of the twisted branches, twigs, and leaves of the dominant tall, big trees. The crowns of the bigger trees receive most of the sunlight. Tree’s food is produced. The canopy forms a shady creates a protective “umbrella” over the rest of the forest. In a forest ecosystem, each layer in the forest offers different habitat site for forest inhabitants. Each layer has it’s own climate based on differences in the light, temperature, humidity, and wind. Each layer provides a home and food for specific plants and animals.


Threats to the Hawaiian Ecosystem
Coqui Tree Frog , the coqui tree frog came from Puerto Rico and it has no natural predator. And it competes with the bird for food and they are reproducing very quickly

Forests are great providers for the animals and plants
They are a source of energy, collect water
and influence water quality, preserve soil, absorb
carbon dioxide, and create oxygen. Forests provide
shelter and food for a variety of living things,
provide raw materials for many of the products
we use, and offer opportunities for recreation.
Not only is the tropical rain forest home to millions
of plants and animals, but many products
we use in our everyday lives come from rain forests
around the world. Bananas, avocados, pineapples,
ginger, vanilla, shade-grown coffee, and
cashews are all examples of rain forest products.
Chicle, used in chewing gum, comes from a tropical
tree. Chocolate, from the cacao seed, is also
native to the tropical rain forest and oil from the
cacao seed is used in suntan lotions, cosmetics
and soaps. Latex, from the rubber tree, is used
in making the rubber used in flexible tires for
heavy equipment.
About one-fourth of all the medicines we use
come from rain forest plants. The rosy periwinkle
contains a chemical that fights leukemia (blood
cancer). Curare, from a tropical vine, is used as
an anesthetic and to relax muscles for surgery.
More than 2,100 varieties of rain forest tropical
plants possess cancer fighting properties.. and
there may be many that have not even been discovered

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