Humans are the main cause for rainforests disappearing because….
· Wood for both timber and wood for making fires
· Agriculture for both small and large farms
· Road construction
· And one of the main causes of deforestation is logging for furniture, flooring, and construction.
· Some threats are from forest fires (on accident mostly)
· Some cut down land are from the farmers
· Farming is one of the major deforestation reasons
· The farmers mainly farm oil palm
· Mining in the rainforest has found bauxite which is made into aluminum

Importance of the rainforest
· It is a home for animals and plants
· It helps the world climate stabilize
· It is protection against erosion, drought, and flood
· It supports the tribal peoples needs
· People can make spices out of some resources
· Some spices are allspice, vanilla, cacao, cassava, ginger, bananas, black pepper, sugar cane, nutmeg, and lots more.
· The trees and plants in the rain forest remove the carbon dioxide in the air and store it in their roots, leaves, branches, and stems.
· It also helps trap heat in the atmosphere.

Abiotic factors
· Rain can fall 80 to 400 inches, (AKA 2 meters) it can rain as fast as 2 inches an hour.
· Some water evaporates from the trees leaves and goes somewhere else and rains down the evaporated rain.

· It is mostly wet is very tropical, warm all year long. The rainforest affects the world’s climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

· Its normal temperature would be 70 degrees to 85 degrees fare height. (24 -27 degrees Celsius ) the rainforest never gets really hot but is never freezing cold
The soil is only 3-4 inches deep and thick like clay lies beneath the soil if any damage done to the clay it might take a while to recover. The soil is ancient and there is little of it

Food Web


Biotic Factors

Animal list

  • Ocelot
  • Toucan
  • Poison dart frog
  • Leaf cutter ant
  • Black caiman
  • Golden lion
  • Vampire bat
  • Anaconda
  • Kinkajou
Plant list
  • Leaves
  • Bixa fruit
  • Devil’s clubs
  • Snakey vine Stereum ostrea
  • Yungue leaves

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Bixa fruits, the lipstick plant' `
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Stereum ostrea (Golden Curtain Crust)'
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devil's club - beware!'
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Ericaceae flowers in the rainforest'
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snaky vine (Bauhinia, Fabaceae)'
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