Prairie Dogs

Development destruction, poisoning, shooting and exotic disease is destroying prairie dog’s habitat. The remaining prairie dogs colonies are small and fragmented, separated by great expanses of cropland and human development.
Development is an especially significant threat to prairie dogs in Colorado. In recent years, development alone may account for a 25% reduction in prairie dog acres in the state.
Poisoning has greatly reduced prairie dog populations, and it continues to be unrestricted on private lands. In the 1920s alone, 13 million hectares (approximately 32 million acres) of prairie dogs were poisoned in the U.S. In Colorado 91% of the prairie dogs had been eliminated through poisoning by early 1912.
Shooting has significant impact on prairie dogs, including large decreases in their population.

Importance of the Ecosystem

The grasslands are important to every animal in their grasslands because they give a home to every animal and food. Grasslands help every animal in their spaces to find food and be save from other animals. Grasslands are huge and a lot of animals live their tons of animals just like prairie dogs.

Conservation Plan
Federal agencies are trying to deeply involved in the distribution of prairie dog poisoning. They have to stop the shooting. They have to stop the shooting by telling people to stop shooting at the prairie dogs because their populations are getting smaller and smaller. The prairie dogs populations are getting so small because they have been shot. 1000’s of prairie dogs have died because of the shooting and poisoning. They have to stop shooting prairie dogs because they’re going to be gone in 10 more years because they are going to get shot.

Abiotic Factors
Climate (rainfall, temperature, and wind patterns)
Parent material
Natural disturbances

Biotic Factors

Producers (grasses, shrubs, trees, mosses, lichens, cyan bacteria
Consumers (herbivore, omnivores, carnivores)
Decomposer (insects, fungi, algae, and bacteria)


Purple cone flower
Big blue stem
Little blue stem
Indian grass
Switch grass
Giant sunflower


Western box turtle s
Prairie dogs
Black foot ferret
Yellow headed black bird
Prairie marshes
Earth worm
Nematode worms
White tailed deer


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