Abotics/ Biotics

In the rainforest the total rainfall for a year is 1500 and 2500mm.the temperate is about 30C - 35C. At night it gets to 20C-25C.
80-400in. per year the mean temperate in the rainforest are between 70F – 85F.
Every 1,000 foot rises in altitude there gets a 4F drop in the temp. Tropical rainforests are near the equator. Brazil is 1/3 of it is covered with rainforest. Temperatures for tropical is warm, The temperate is cool Number of tree species in tropical are hundreds temperate few10-20
Age of trees, tropical are 50-100 years old, temperate 500-1000 years old
Decomposition rate, tropical rapid, temperate slow


Possible threats
· Population growth: cut down trees to make houses, schools, shops ect…
· Paper: cut down the trees to make paper
· Ozone layer: gases cfcs
· Green house gas: emissions from work plants
· Wood burning: to build working plants
· Global warming: car egoist

· Fruits
For food and markets

· Trees for houses, fire wood, paper, oxogen
· Fish for food and market