Daily Learning Targets - Always check here first!

April 16-17 (Martinez April 26)

We will:
  1. Read and understand the requirements for the "Save an Ecosystem Project"
  2. Sign into an existing wikispaces account and join EcoCheetah Wiki OR set up an individual account and join EcoCheetah Wiki
  3. Sign up for the Eco Issues that most interest you.
  4. Have group leader make a copy of Note Taking Sheet

April 18-19 (Martinez April 26-27)

We will:
  1. Understand the purpose and format of a wiki and how to use the wiki to create a content page for their issue
  2. Understand the purpose and use of discussion forums on their wiki page
  3. Use the topic resource links on the wiki to begin preliminary research to gain an overview of the ecological issue & report out one thing your group has learned.

April 20 (Martinez May 1-2)

We will:
  1. Research specific characteristics of your ecosystem. Include both abiotic and biotic factors.
    • Abiotic factors: sunlight, temperature, climate, rainfall, landforms, etc
    • Biotic factors: organisms and their role (producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, decomposer, etc)
  2. Gather the information using the notetaking sheet.
  3. Make sure to include citations for all pictures

April 23-24 (Martinez May 8)

We will:
    • Ecosystem Description (abiotic and biotic factors)
    • Preparation for Food Web (organisms and their roles)
  2. Sketch rough draft of food web
    • Show Mr. Warner or Ms Layton your rough draft

April 25-26 (Martinez May 10-11)

We will:
  1. Finish rough draft food web. When approved, watch Food Web tutorial and begin creating food web.
  2. Research threats to our ecosystem/organism