This page will have information and tutorials for how to do things on the Wiki as well as how to create uploadable creative works for your EcoProject. First, let's find out what a wiki is:

Wikis in Plain English

Add Hyperlinks

To add hyperlinks, click the insert link icon: hyperlink.gif
Be sure to choose External Link. Type in the Link Text (the name of the website, NOT the URL) along with any description of the site. Copy and paste the URL in the address box, then click OK.

Font Color and Style

1. Edit your page.
2. Highlight the text you wish to format.
3. Click on the text formatting icon in the toolbar external image textcolor.gif .
4. Format the text as you wish and click “Apply Style.”

Pictures and Files

You can include pictures and files in your pages easily using the visual editor. When in the visual editor:
  • Click the File icon
  • Use the 'Upload New File' to upload a picture or file that has been saved to your H or R drive on the network or from a flash drive or CD.
  • Put the cursor at the position on the page where you wish to put the image or file
  • Find the image or file in the Images & Files dialogue box
  • Double click the image or file to put it on the page

Creating a Food Web in Word

To prepare, make a rough sketch of your food web with the names of the organisms that you will show and arrows showing energy flow. Search for clipart or pictures of the organisms in your food web and save in a folder in the R drive.
  • Open the Food Web Template on the Resources page of EcoCheetah
  • Use Save As to save the file with a descriptive name in your R drive folder (save a back up in someone's H drive)
  • Add or delete any text box ovals needed in the web and type in the names of your food web's organisms to each text box oval
  • With your curser inside a text box oval, click on the insert tab and select "picture"
  • Browse to the folder where your foodweb pictures are stored and select the appropriate picture
  • When all text box ovals are filled with the names of the organisms and pictures, click the insert tab and select "shapes"
  • Select the line arrow and click and drag from one text box oval to another to show the direction of energy flow
  • When complete, you can fill text box ovals with different colors to denote producer, primary consumer, etc.
  • From the editing box on the Home tab, use the selection tool to "select all" and copy
  • Open Paint (start menu, accessories) and paste your food web into the Paint area. Crop if necessary, then Save as a JPEG file that can be uploaded onto your wiki page.

Using PhotoStory

To prepare, create a folder on the computer with the pictures for your PhotoStory, a Word document with the script for your PhotoStory and the music file you have chosen as background music for your PhotoStory.
  • Open PhotoStory 3
  • Insert desired pictures, click and slide to put in order
  • Create title
  • Type notes for narration
  • Click record button and narrate each slide
  • Add music (from creative commons files on R drive)
  • Preview show and edit if necessary
  • Save project and then save show to R drive folder
See the tutorial below - Click the play button and then double click the screen for full screen view