Fracking is the process of obtaining natural gas and other fossil fuels by injecting water and other liquids at high pressures, therefore creating cracks in the rocks. This allows materials that could not be otherwise reached to come to the surface. See the video below for more information.
Conservation Plan
Fracking does a large amount of harm to our precious environment. All of the roads and drilling pads that it takes to perform these fracking operations cause thousands of acres to be cleared, also destroying habitats and wildlife. In addition to this, the trucks and other gas guzzlers increase the smog levels, filling our air with harmful gases. There have also been reports of drilling fluids and contaminated water being dumped into water supplies. This often makes the water flammable. For example, in Fort Lupton, someone realized that their water smelled funny. In February of 2009, the water caught on fire when they put a cigarette under it. We believe that in order to solve these problems, the government needs to regulate how much land can be used for this purpose. In addition, the companies that are using this technique need to dispose of their contaminated liquids in other ways than dumping them in our water sources. As can be seen, there are many simple ways that we can preserve our environment while still drilling for oil and other non-renewable resources.
Abiotic and Biotic Factors
Climate- The climate in the desert ecosystem is dry and arid with low moisture content.
Soil- The soil consists of dirt, sand, clay, and other dry soils.
Low Precipitation- Desert ecosystems usually get somewhere around 10 inches of rain per year.

Humans- Many humans like to go hunting in the desert for mule deer.
Bears- Bears are a key factor in containing the mule deer population.
Vultures- Vultures like to snack on many of the dead animals in the desert ecosystem.
Maggots- Maggots are the one and only decomposer in the desert ecosystem.
Threats To Ecosystem
Fracking is a major threat to the western Colorado ecosystem and it’s water. You see, fracking can leak things like methane, chloride and BTEX (a mix of chemicals). This will kill our animals, kill our plants, and possibly kill us. For example, if the water is bad, the crops are bad. And if they still grow, the crops would make us sick, and kill us. So yeah, it’s like a full circle. We mess the water up, the water messes us up.
Importance of EcosystemIn our ecosystem we have a lack of water. This tainted water only makes it harder on us. If we lose all water our ecosystem will collapse. If such a thing happens we will also lose all of our natural resources. Our ecosystem is also important because we rely on many of the things it contains. Such as water (obviously), trees, and deer. Without them we wouldn’t be able to survive. That is the importance of the our ecosystem.