Orangutans live in rain forests in Borneo and Sumatra. As you can see these Indonesian Islands are small, hence the extreme danger of extinction for the orangutan species.
Borneo and Sumatra
Over the past 60 years, the Orangutan population has decreased substantially, by about 50%. These fascinating creatures are mostly herbivores, and eat figs, fruit, and bird eggs. The world's largest tree climbing mammal, these apes have reddish hair and long limbs. Their arms are incredibly strong while their legs are rather weak.

The Food Web:


Abiotic Factors of the Rainforest:

  • Soil- Water logged mixture of organic and inorganic material and nutrients
  • Humid Air- The air is heavy with water
  • Water (H20)-1/3 of the rainfall touches the initial rainfall actually touches the ground because of the heights of the trees.
  • Rocks

Biotic Factors of the Rainforest:

  • Trees- Broad leafed trees, from which the leaves and branches are used to make nests for the birds
  • Long, Thick Grass
  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Animals- These tropical forests house almost 2/3 of the world's organisms.
  • Woody Vines- they are a threat to some tropical forests because of how much they increase the carbon dioxide levels in the earth.
  • Peg Roots

Importance of the Orangutan to the Rain Forest Ecosystem:

The orangutans are fascinating creatures that complete the diverse life of the rain forest. The orangutan is very important to the biodiversity and balance of the rain forest. If the orangutan were to die out, all the animals they eat and who prey on them would be unbalanced. The orangutans would never resurface, leaving the peace of the ecosystem forever disturbed. If the orangutan were to become extinct, the biodiversity of the rain forest would decrease. There would be less variance in the beautiful tropical animals that we have in this world. lone_tree.jpg

Threats to this Ecosystem:

  • --Illegal Logging/ Deforestation
  • --Illegal pet trade
  • --Slash and burn methods to plant large scale palm oil plantations/by farmers
  • --Fires
  • --Poaching

Conservation Plan:

Deforestation is a huge problem in Indonesia. Although it is illegal to log, people still do. 80% of logging in Indonesia is illegal. It may not immediately affect you, but it if it keeps happening, all of the rainforest’s animals will suffer. If you have to cut down a tree, even if it is legal, plant a new one to take its place. That way the amount of trees will not decrease, and the environment can prosper.
Some people may not know what would happen if the orangutans die out. The best way to save the orangutans is to educate the people. Having an orangutan as a pet would be fun, but orangutans are a very important part of life in the Indonesian rain forest. If you take an orangutan from its natural habitat, think about what would happen to other orangutans. What if the orangutan you took was a mother? Now that baby is vulnerable to predators, and does not know to take care of itself. You just killed one orangutan by taking another in. So is it worth it? Think before you act.

Orangutans: Endangered Man of the Rain Forest