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Project Information:

Some of the planet’s ecosystems are endangered! The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) needs help creating conservation plans to protect these ecosystems and the biodiversity they contain.

You will demonstrate your knowledge of ecology by gathering data (from textbook, websites and online databases) and creating an informative webpage on the EMS wiki: EcoCheetah. Your project will include different types of information as explained below.

Your project should 1) show what you know about ecology 2) demonstrate teamwork, with all members contributing significant information and knowledge 3) include all of the required parts. All words need to be your own, do not cut and paste anything from the Internet.

You will be assigned one of the following issues to research:

  1. Coral Bleaching in Coral Reef Ecosystems
  2. Prairie Dogs and Their Niche in Prairie Ecosystems
  3. Overfishing of Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans
  4. Deforestation of Rain forests
  5. Natural Gas Drilling and Fracking in Western Colorado
  6. Endangered Orangutans in the Forests of Borneo and Sumatra
  7. Colorado Pine Beetle Kill
  8. Tamarisk Invasion of Riparian Habitats

For a proficient (3) score, your wiki page must include:

  • Name of ecosystem affected by your issue
  • Food Web – Create an accurate food web that exists in your ecosystem.
  • List of Abiotic/Biotic Factors – Create a list of important abiotic and biotic factors that interact in your ecosystem. Include a minimum of 3 abiotic and 3 biotic factors.
  • Threats to Ecosystem – Describe the major threats to your ecosystem. Be sure to explain the causes or reasons behind these threats.
  • Importance of Ecosystem - In paragraph form, explain what might happen if the ecosystem or specific organisms are not protected, reasons why the ecosystem is important, and what parts of the ecosystem are most affected
  • Conservation Plan - Write a plan explaining at least 2 ways you propose to protect the ecosystem.
  • Bibliography – You must use at least 2 sources.

For an Advanced grade (4), include:

Short (2 minutes max) multimedia presentation/summary of your issue containing:

  • A map showing the location of your ecosystem
  • A minimum of 6 pictures (maximum 10)
  • Narration or text
  • Background music

Follow the Links below for the Information sheets and note taking sheet. You must be signed into Google Apps to access them.
Ecocheetah Project information and Rubric
Ecocheetah Note Taking Sheet